It’s Greek To Me

The first Project Dinner Party is under way! With a list of 99 dinner parties, there was a bit paradox of choice at play, and it was a little hard to chose where to start. I wanted an idea that I wasn’t too attached to since the first attempt at any new project comes with wrinkles. I also wanted something challenging but not overwhelming.

I came up with a shortlist and Derek mentioned that March 25th, the same week we were thinking of was Greek Independence day. That seemed like just the right amount of serendipity. So Greek it is!

Confession before we go too far down this road: I have yet to visit Greece and probably had Greek food only a handful of times. However, I feel that having some experience with Mediterranean flavors in general and having several good resources to consult has brought me up to speed in a relatively short period of time. We’ll see in due time, right?;)

Greek has turned out to be a good theme to start with since Greek food has a distinct flavor profile but the component flavors are not too foreign (lemon, oregano, and cinnamon to name a few). Thus, the research was not too unwieldy. Plus, I had a cookbook (How To Roast a Lamb) that I bought a while back but hadn’t had a chance to play around with.

Inspirations for this party:

  • How to Roast A LambThe author does a beautiful job of telling the story of growing up in a Greek family through a series of recipe. It was so well written that I read the whole book cover to cover!
  • Falling Cloudberries: A World of Family Recipes: This cookbook is focused yet meandering. It documents family recipes from Finland, Greece, and South Africa among other places. This is one of the most beautiful cookbooks I own. I plan to keep it a safe distance from the splatter and stains of the kitchen counter. This does not mean that the recipes are only fit for the armchair cook. To the contrary, the recipes are extremely well-written. I will just be using photocopies!
  • Souvlaki for the SoulThis has gotta be one of the best one of the most clever food blog names I’ve come across.  It has several good recipes plus some creative ideas for Ouzo cocktails.

One response to “It’s Greek To Me”

  1. Ann says :

    Can’t wait to be part of the first! 🙂

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